This blog is aptly named, as will soon be obvious. Change has been the theme of my life, at least, the last 10 years of it…and I’m not that old.

The old proverb is true: change is the only true constant. It has certainly been constant in my life. In the last three and a half years, I have:

-moved 4 times
-given birth to two, soon to be three, children
-gotten married
-become separated from my husband for a year
-reconciled to my husband
-begun homeschooling
-learned how to deal with special needs kids
-started a home-based business
-started writing for a magazine

All while parenting, managing a household, and growing personally – emotionally, spiritually, socially… Just hopefully not physically 😉

I thank my God that He never changes. In my world of constant flux (there’s an oxymoron!), He is the one Person I can rely on. I know that no matter what crisis I face, what challenge I fight, or what circumstance I feel overwhelmed in, my God will sustain me and supply all I need.

Everyone says they want a “fresh start”. I’ve had so many fresh starts, I long to complete something. Frankly, I’d settle for simply a period of “normal”….then I realize, that I’d probably become anxious if there wasn’t a major change happen in the course of a year.

This will be my personal journey, a diary or sorts, along with a record of the insights I get, and a place for me to “think out loud” and sort out my feelings, thoughts, decisions and values. I hope to entertain, or at least provoke thought.

Bear with me, I’m still getting started.