I still say Adam’s really to blame for the Fall. He was standing right beside Eve and didn’t tell the snake off? And if he wasn’t right beside her, where the heck was he?? Naked woman, and he wasn’t beside her? I doubt it.. He was just a wuss.

What did God tell them to do after He made Eve? Be fruitful and multiply.. So obviously they disobeyed if she had time to be talking to snakes. They knew they were naked, they just didn’t know there was anything wrong with that. It was the way it was supposed to be – nakedness physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

She’s a perfect woman, right? And the Bible tells us the first time they were intimate, she got pregnant. So why weren’t they doing that the minute God told them too?? I mean, newlyweds right? Aren’t newlyweds supposed to be all over each other? What was wrong with Adam??

Every man knows that the minute they stop paying attention to their woman, she looks for attention elsewhere — case in point, Eve and snake. But every man keeps makin that same mistake: thinking once he’s got her, he doesn’t have to keep paying attention, keep pursuing her. Adam obviously wasn’t doing his job. Adam is completely to blame. He should of been paying attention to his woman…now we’re all screwed!

Funny theory I read once: Adam was just the first draft — God polished it up when He made Eve

We think women crave to be needed. But it’s really a need to be loved.

I don’t need to be needed.. I know I’m needed.. What every woman needs is to be wanted. Not for what we can do, or give, for looks or skills, but for who we are.

Every guy assumes they are wanted, but every guy wants to be needed.

God created us women to be the crowning glory of all creation. We turn all the work into beauty.

Men conquer it, women tame it. Adam was supposed to gardenize the jungle.. Eve was supposed to turn the garden into home

Who tells the guys what needs to be done? Who comes up with the plans, can see the next step, and settles everything around us? Who drives the economy? Women
Men work to provide for.. Women Men make things to please… Women
Men create services to help… Women

Everything a guy does is directly or indirectly for a woman. So why do they resent it & treat us like crap? That’s the curse

We don’t recognize how women really do need men.. Women need them to do the hard work – men are physically stronger.

They think that they should want to be wanted, to be adored, to tell women what to do.. In effect, men think they should be women.

And women think they should want to be needed.. That what they do, the work they can do is the most important thing when what we really need is to be adored and wanted. Women think they should be men

We got it all backwards. Men should and usually are, most fulfilled when they are working, to protect, provide and please a woman, and feel needed by her

Women feel most satisfied when we are valued for who we are, not needed for what we do.. When we feel that our man would want us, even if we were useless, just because he loves us.

That’s what we were designed for

But the curse made it backwards and we got all confused about the needs and roles of men and women.

Feminism says that for a woman to be adored is turning her into an object, that she needs to be working to have value, to feel satisfied

Society assumes that men need to be adored, their egos boosted, and that if they work so hard, they are trying to prove something they don’t need to prove, or are lording it over a woman and trying to prove themselves worth more than a woman.

So society tries to tell us that a woman not working outside her sphere of homemaking is wrong, and a man working hard is wrong

Can we say screwed up??

It’s not that there’s something wrong with a woman working outside the home, but more the idea that a woman can be happy, just at home, is seen as horribly stereotypical and that woman is oppressed and abused somehow.

God wrote an ideal picture of a woman, and she was a businesswoman, bought and sold property, manufactured and sold clothing and food.. But she was working out of her home, not outside it.

It also shows that her husband worked to provide, protect and please her, adored her with praise to everyone he met and was a very influential man outside the home.

That’s God’s ideal.

How opposite society, don’t you think?

Women and men are capable, strong, and equal in value as human beings. What we are not is the same. Men and women are not the same. I know it sounds obvious, but that’s exactly what society tries to tell us: that we are the same. We’re not. Men and women were created differently, and created for different roles.

If we would only relax and do what comes natural, we would assume our natural roles.

Marriage then becomes a partnership of equals, like a business partnership. Each brings equally and vitally important skills and elements to the relationship. Neither can do what the other can, and neither can do without the other. Both husband and wife need the other to succeed.

Men need a reason to work. That reason is a woman. Women need someone to work for them, to take care of them, and to do it just because they want to. That person is a man. We were created to complement each other. We were created to make one perfect whole, joined together.

God’s design really is perfect. And things work a whole lot better when we follow it.