So this is what my playroom looks like on a regular basis. Yeah.. Pretty good for 3 little munchkins.. Looks like a tornado went thru huh?

The daily (hourly?) chore of picking up after kids is not a fun part of my day. Neither is the mountain of laundry and constant sinkful of dishes – even with a dishwasher. I love being a SAHM — I love cooking nutricious, delicious meals, baking yummy fun treats, mending, sewing, decorating. I don’t mind laundry even. But I hate, loathe, detest cleaning.

Hence the state of my playroom.

Now I have tried different things to make cleaning easier. I rotate toys, I have shelves as opposed to a box, I use open bins for sets. We have at least one daily pick-up time for the kids, though they are almost too little for that yet. I regularly go through the toys and discard/give away broken and outgrown toys, or toys that just don’t get played with, books that are unread and videos unwatched.

Organization isn’t my strong suit. I try.. I really do! .. but I’m not a super organized mom.

I have all sorts of grand ideas, but reality bites sometimes, and what seems ideal in my head requires too much effort/supervision/sheer work/time on my part to be practical.

Any tips on being organized? What do you do to keep the house clutter free and picked up?