I am really not liking my hormones lately. I’m on one of the downturns of postnatal hormone shifts, and my hair is funky – falling out, thinning and drying horribly and just gross. My emotions are all over the place — I started tearing up while reading a Berenstain bears story to my almost 2 year old!! I’m not sleeping well, or eating well. I can’t seem to get enough to drink, either, and now I’m getting odd bouts of dizziness and nausea. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was pregnant (I’m not, lol, I tested!)

I’ve started new multivitamins, so I’m hoping that will help with some of the physical things. I just found out that my dh’s work benefits cover naturopathic visits, on a reimbursement basis, so I think Z and I might go see one, and maybe figure out what I’m deficient in, and what Z is sensitive to. Z being my 3.5 year old daughter, with sensory integration issues and developmental delays. Eventually the whole family should go, I hope.

So health wise, I’m hoping to fill in the pieces. But I cannot believe how content I am as a stay at home parent. My parents would never believe this, but THIS is what I was made for. I love, LOVE my job.. It is my passion, my calling. Raising my children, nurturing and caring for them, training and educating them, and most of all, ministering to them… This is my purpose.

Thank you God for abundant mercies and blessings. May I prove worthy of Your trust in me, and help me trust You more.