I must say God knew what He was doing. I am enjoying my second of true Sabbath rests. Last weekend, I decided that regardless of what the world thought, I was taking the day off, and doing only the absolute necessary chores of making sure my kids were clean, fed and cared for. Other than that, the dishes, the laundry, sweeping and picking up, planning and preparing.. All waited. I was able to curl up with a good book. I was able to read stories to my kids. I was truly rested.

I enjoyed it so much that this week I planned better. I made extra meals that could be just stuck in the oven. I made sure all the necessary laundry for church was done on Friday. I did all the dishes, emptied my sinks, wiped counters and swept floors before bed Friday night.

Today, I am enjoying another restful day. I took the kids out to play and we made a snowman. Z and H thought it was great to “help” mom roll the big snowball and pack snow around it. They are watching movies now and I am playing a video game, that I don’t get to do often. This evening we may pull out a game to play, my husband and I and L.

It’s been so relaxing and fun! I have had to resist temptation to answer work emails, or put away laundry. But I love saying “no, that can wait,” in favor of doing things just for fun and spending time with my family.

When God said to “keep the Sabbath”, He didn’t mean it to be a bore. Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. We need this break from the daily grind, and I love that God instilled it as part of His “code of conduct”, known as the Old Testament Law. I am choosing to be obedient, here.

Guess what? Obedience brings blessing!!