We had an awesome thunderstorm this morning. Lightning so bright it lit up the room through our blackout curtain, and thunder so loud it rattled the windows – it was amazing. The power, the sheer brilliance .. Made me glad my husband had come early.

We’re still under a thunderstorm watch here. The sky is dark and it is so still, so I won’t be surprised if we get one.

They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice.. Too bad that doesn’t apply to other things. Lol, like my fertility — who ever thought that I would be a mother of 4 before I was 30?! I haven’t had cycles since May 21, 2009. I get strange looks from doctors and nurses when I say that, but it’s true.

I adore my children. I know some had expectations of me achieving some high-powered career, but I am truly more satisfied and more challenged as a stay-at-home parent than I think I would have been anywhere else. Especially when you add in the self-imposed challenges I put on myself – writing for magazines, homeschooling, and a few other things I’m applying for.

Thunderstorms are powerful things. They shake things up and wake things up. They clean out the air and signal changes. I’ve found that sometimes thunderstorms are needed in our lives too. A storm of chaos often brings things out that need to be cleaned up or dealt with, whether it’s attitudes, priorities, organization or hurts.

Ok, enough rambling.. I love watching thunderstorms, so I hope there is another one today, just maybe not as damaging as the first..