The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week. Clear blue skies, bright warm sunshine and gentle breezes, it really smells like Spring. We’ve had the doors open wide lately, and I love it.

The kids have been going stir-crazy though. I think we all have a touch of spring-fever. H, my 2 year old, is a real pest lately, and Z, my 3.5 year old has been so cuddly. I keep telling my 8 year old, whom I homeschool, to finish up her work so we can go on Spring break. When she’s done, it’s on to spring cleaning.

I must admit, I’m getting antsy about it. Something about nice weather after a long, dull winter gets the blood (and sap?!) flowing. I’m not one to overdo housework – my house is never “too clean” – but I have a to-do list that, frankly, I’m looking forward to tackling.

Spring, a time of growth, refreshing, and renewal. Is it any wonder that it was spring that God chose to redeem His people in Exodus? No surprise at all that the annual festival of Passover, and our Christian celebration of the crucifixion and resurrection are in the spring. After all, rebirth is a part of Spring.

However, our spring cleaning needs to be repeated year after year. But Jesus cleansed us from our sins, once for all. No need to rinse and repeat. We are clean, now and forever, and if we choose to accept it, we can live as clean, holy people of God. We can finally have the freedom to choose the better way.

Maybe there is some more “spring cleaning” I need to do besides just in my home and garden. Perhaps I should see if my commitment needs dusting off, or if my heart has grown cold and that fire needs to be rekindled, and ashes taken out. Is there garbage of lies and bad habits that needs to be cleaned up? Do my priorities need to be reorganized? Spring cleaning my thoughts and values may be in order too.

Spring brings new rains and renewal of the earth. And maybe, a renewing of my mind and heart too…