Lately, I’ve been asked about homeschooling and challenged to clarify our why’s and what’s and how’s. Here’s what we teach:

1. We will teach purpose and choice, not chance and fate. This includes the special creation of humanity, the plan of God for each and every human being ever conceived, and the concept of free will. This does not include the fairy tales of evolution, karma or any other modern-day religion.

2. We will teach love, not tolerance. Our children will learn that there is an absolute, and that absolute demands a response. We will teach that there is a difference between person and behaviour, and that people are to be treated with respect, and more than that, to be loved and served without conditions, but that certain behaviours are to be condemned and not tolerated, with help to change.

3. We will teach holiness, not morality. Choices have consequences, and our reactions don’t have to be our responses. There is a right and wrong, and we cannot compromise on those. Our guideline is the Bible, the Word of God, and we will declare holy what God says is holy, and we will name sin what God says is sin.

4. We will teach responsibility, not genetics-and-environment. We may have tendencies and patterns wired into us, but we can and should choose. We may be “born this way” but we don’t have to stay this way. We will own our mistakes and teach about making it right, from apologies to restitution.

5. We will teach truth, not political correctness. It may be unpopular, it may even seem foolish to the world, but we will stick with what we know to be true, and to the One we know is Truth. And we will speak truth, even when the consequences hurt. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel..”

6. We will teach passion and conviction, not peer pressure and convention. We will teach our children to carefully think about why things are done, and to choose the right way, even if it is not the easy way. We will teach our kids to follow God, and to stand for what they believe in.

7. We will teach with relationship, not by rote. We aren’t seeking to fill our children’s heads with information, but to fill their hearts with wisdom and knowledge of God and a desire to love Him, and each other.

Homeschooling is a lifestyle choice, not just an education option. We keep our children home out of a desire to raise a godly generation, not just because of a reaction against public school, or for any special need. We desire to truly live for God, in all areas of life, including parenting and family.