I was reading another blog this morning, by a lady who’s marriage self-destructed, kinda like mine did. Only.. She’s divorcing. I don’t claim to know any details beyond what’s on the blog, but all I could think, as I identified repeatedly with post after post was:

There, but for the grace of God, go I.

Not just grace though, but miracle-working power. Undeserved, amazing love. Mercy unmerited and refreshing.

Different choices, different opportunities, and a different ending.

It could have been a crash and burn. But instead of trying to piece my life together, I sit on the front porch of a beautiful new house, in the gorgeous sunshine of a summer’s day, relaxing with my husband, and only a week away from recommitting our lives to each other in a vow renewal ceremony.

God is incredible.

It takes courage. It takes three people to do it. There has to be willingness from both husband and wife to work with God. But happily ever after does exist.

I’m living it.