It is the first day of school, and my husband has started a new, though temporary, job. So I will be starting my daughter on her new lessons, while supervising (and trying to keep them from killing each other!) my 4 and 2 year old, and making sure my almost 1 year old doesn’t get all the books off the shelves (again…)…all while coping with the first trimester fatigue and morning sickness of my fifth pregnancy. Yes, we are expecting again!

But I can’t help but smile. As busy as life is, as chaotic as my house stays, we are blessed.  We are blessed with happy, healthy children, with a beautiful home, with freedom to choose how we educate our children, how we parent them and how we worship our God. We are blessed with friends and family who love us and support us, with a community that is safe and friendly. We are blessed with a marriage that is growing stronger and closer than ever.

I can hardly bear to read the need feed on my Facebook page today. So many parents celebrating the first day of school, and their kids leaving home. It makes me want to cry. I couldn’t imagine leaving my kids in the care of someone else for that long every day, of not seeing them for that long, and letting someone else impart to my children their values and worldview.  I’m thankful that my husband and I are in complete agreement that our children will never set foot in a school institution, if we can help it.

But we are blessed! Incredibly so… Thank you Jesus!