I am a stay at home, work at home wife to an amazingly transformed man and mother of four little girls, ages 8, 3, 2,and 7 months ;). We live in southwestern Ontario, Canada, in the Canadian version of Amish country. And no, we are not Amish! We are modern Mennonite, which is an interesting change for me, but I am enjoying it.  I homeschool our oldest, work with our 2nd with her sensitivities, speech delays and special needs, while parenting an active toddler and baby.  I also run a business from my home, and work three nights a week, give or take. I love reading, when I get a chance, and all things domestic – cooking, baking, sewing, etc, and writing is a new passion for me. Living this life of home, hearth and family is incredibly challenging yet satisfying in a way I never imagined. I love my life — even if I feel like I’m still getting started!