Two years ago, today, my life was (almost) completely destroyed. My marriage imploded, and then exploded, and I was plunged into the messiness of separation and possible divorce, abuse counseling and recovery, and single parenting scared kids in a fractured family. It was stressful and emotionally bewildering and draining. Decisions had to be made in the heat of the moment and were often life-impacting.

I thought my marriage was over, and my dreams of family and future were destroyed. In the midst of dealing with the financial and legal turmoil, I had to cope with emotional devastation. I was barely hanging on, and felt almost completely overwhelmed.

But God!

I love being able to say that. Few people know just how much the Lord Jesus has changed my life. I have seen more than one miracle, but the transformation of my marriage is by far the greatest yet.

But God!

God grabbed me and didn’t let go. I knew that I was loved, that I was valuable, that I was worth more and deserved better than I had gotten. That helped me put up safe boundaries for my husband and myself, to protect us when my husband couldn’t. God became my comfort and my refuge when the emotional storms threatened to capsize my little boat. And when I made decisions that everyone around me disagreed with, I knew God led me in the right direction.

I could leave the story there, but God didn’t leave us there. He brought me to the place of ultimate forgiveness. I began praying for my husband, especially as I began to realize that unless something changed him, God would require payment from him for the way he treated us. I was concerned for his future, in spite of his unconcern for mine!

Making the choice to move was the toughest decision, but I knew without doubt it was the right one. I moved my young children across province, away from memories and for a fresh start. It was also a signal to my husband that I meant what I said: there had to be significant changes for our relationship to continue. I prayed he would take me seriously, even while my hope dwindled and finally died.

Yet God didn’t give up hope. Though I didn’t see it, change was happening. Within months of my move, my husband and I had resumed regular conversation. Yet, I was hesitant to trust him.

But God!

Again, God took me by the hand and showed me (in no uncertain terms!) that I wasn’t to put my trust in unfaithful man, but in faithful Almighty God. I had already proven that God would and could care for me no matter what, so couldn’t I trust Him to take care of me in marriage?

And 6 months later, my husband and I had reconciled, and 3 months after that, welcomed our fourth child together, in our home. We named her, appropriately, Hope!

God is faithful. When we believe Him, His faithfulness is translated into wonder-working power. Jesus has already died to set us free – it’s a matter of accepting His sacrifice as a freely given gift. And this gift is true freedom..not just from sin, but sin’s power and sin’s consequences! Broken marriages, broken hearts, broken bodies and broken lives are miraculously healed by the faithfulness of God!

Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ, who by His Word made all things, and by His power and love saved Him be all honor. He is so good, so wonderful, so faithful!

I can’t wait to see what He will do next! Hang on, we’re still getting started!